Welcome to Top Candidate! Whether you are looking for a new job, thinking of changing your career or returning to work after a period away from professional life, my website is a good place to start. It is always an exciting time when you decide to change your job or your career path and I hope your visit here will give you inspiration to take the next steps.

Top Candidate is a small interview skills consultancy based in Salisbury in Wiltshire. I run one to one sessions helping you recognize and present your skills in the best possible light, thus giving you the confidence to go for the interview for that dream job of yours.  I also run group sessions that give each attendee a set of tools needed to take on the world of recruitment. The aim of the consultancy is quite simple; to give those with the skills and competencies to do a job, the ability to show this in an interview setting.

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June 13th, 2012
Tags: CV, LinkedIn
Author: Hanne

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